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Receive a 30 minute session with a mentor of your choice to enhance your business. The selected mentor will help you strategize and find specific steps to elevate you profits.


Engaging Speakers 2019 Conference Speaker Videos
Get immediate access to the most powerful parts of last year’s Annual Engaging Speakers conference. Learn from experts who have built influential seven figure businesses. Discover:
o A step by step plan on how to generate an endless supply of sales from speaking
o The keys to growing your database so you’re building future income
o How to improve your presentation skills
o How to leverage your business relationships


30-Second WOW - Master Your Marketing Message
Take your networking skills to the next level. Get instant access to a template that will help you create a remarkable marketing message. Learn how to create a lasting impact within the first 30 seconds of every first impression.


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Get a head start on creating a global brand with this personalized branding template. Learn to focus in on your niche and create a voice that stands out from the crowd.


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Receive immediate access to Engaging Speaker’s online platform for an entire month! This includes a monthly virtual meeting with one of our expert speakers and training videos that will help you Speak Your Way To More Business


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